One World’s after-school class tuition is based on a full year (30 weeks) of class. Classes start in October, and will end in May or June, depending on the day/location, and the number of snow days accumulated during the year. Classes meet once a week for 1 hour with an exception for our Pre-K class. The Pre-K class meets for 45 mins per week due to the children’s age.

Total tuition will vary depending on the class level and class length. Please scroll down to see a more detailed tuition rate per class level.

In addition, over the year’s we have….

*siblings that join our classes. The first child’s tuition is at full price. All other siblings are at the discounted sibling price for their class.

*children that join after the first day of class. Therefore, tuition will be pro-rated, and tuition will depend on the number of remaining classes. Therefore, total tuition will be a case by case matter.

*provided financial assistance for reduced tuition. To read more about how we make tuition more affordable, please click on Financial Assistance.

To view our payment policy, please click on Payments.

Pre-K TuitionPre-K Tuition Installment
Tuition Only$575Installment$195
Sibling Discount$555Sibling Installment$190
Explorer/TrailblazerExplorer/Trailblazer Installment
Tuition Only$600Installment$205
Sibling Discount$580Sibling Installment$200
Voyager/TravelerVoyager/Traveler Installment
Tuition Only$675Installment$230
Sibling Discount$655Sibling Installment$225