“My kids started with OWLS when they were 3 and 5. The teaching approach was engaging for both of them,
and they begged to play the games they learned at class when we were at home.”
– Jennifer Wu

“One World Language School began as an avenue to satisfy my son’s fascination with the Chinese language. We only wish we found
it sooner as 
my son enrolled as a 9th grader. The teachers were exceptional and one actually became his private tutor. My son graduated
from a local public high school, went onto Harvard, and is employed in China! He credits his experiences at One World Language School
for broadening his interests 
and building confidence. As a parent, I would highly recommend offering this opportunity at any age! My
son continued to participate in 
sports, student government, academic clubs, and music at his high school. Make time for this experience!! “
– Anne Bean

“As you know, Jonathan adores you and we all have the utmost respect for you, your patience, and professional demeanor.
We appreciate 
you being a wonderful and caring role model for all students.  The students are learning so much more from you than only German!”
– Victoria Kehler

“Cultural exposure, increased memory skills, and learning another language were the main reasons we enrolled our son at One World Language School.
We couldn’t be happier with his experience. He’s becoming a nice, worldly person. And he can speak and understand another language.”

– Michael & Debra Stone

“My seven year old daughter is very much looking forward to her second year of Chinese. Thanks to the wonderful
combination ofgifted teachers, and compelling, challenging, age-appropriate, FUN learning materials. Xie xie”
– Jill Sweeny-Bosa

“Our kids have enjoyed One World language classes for many years. We’ve always appreciated their
multi-faceted approach to early language education. What a great way to enhance their education! One World
never stops coming up with innovative and effective ways to help our kids learn foreign languages.”
– The Jennings Family