All refunds are subject to a $50 administrative fee. Refunds requested 3 weeks prior to the first class will be refunded full amount paid minus $50 administrative fee.

We have a drop-out period that lasts for the first four weeks of classes. During this time, refunds are given, but you would be responsible for a $50 administrative fee and the amount for each class your child was enrolled in up to the point you notified us of your intention to withdraw regardless of whether or not your child missed one or more of these classes.

After the drop-out period, there are no refunds given.

Class Cancellation

We do our best to make sure the classes that we offer do not get canceled. However, in rare cases that they do get canceled it is because of lack of enrollment. To offer a language class we require a minimum of 5 students enrolled. Our students learn better in groups. In addition, for a class to be offered at a specific location there must be enough enrollment for a minimum of 2 classes.

By chance, if a class does not meet the requirements above, the class may be forced to get canceled.