Tuition payment is based on a full year (30 weeks) of class unless otherwise specified. All tuition may be paid in either a full 1x payment or through installments. Installment plans are based on 3 installments over 3 consecutive months. For example, installments can be made in June, July, and August. The latest payment is due by December.

We accept payment via Paypal (scroll down) or via checks. Please mail checks to;

One World Language School
191 Durham Point Road
Durham, NH 03824

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In addition…

*first child is at full price, and all other siblings are at the discounted sibling price for their class.

*for those that decide to join during the middle of the school year, payment must be made in full. Payment will be pro-rated, and will depend on the number of classes that are left. At this time payment can only be made via check, not Paypal.

*for those that need extra months to make payment, we will work with you to make sure your child can attend class.


PayPal Payment

Explorer/Trailblazer Tuition

Explorer/Trailblazer Installment

Voyager / Traveler Tuition

Voyager/Traveler Installment