One World Kits are designed with teachers in mind.

No teaching skills required we will teach you how to teach and the materials are so easy to use you don’t need a formal teaching background to start Spanish, French, German or Chinese classes at your school or in your homeschool group.

Easy to follow instructions for activities and curriculum planning make setting up your language program straightforward and simple. All curricula are aligned with the Standards of Foreign Language learning of the 21st century. Each week through our comic, storybook, puppet skits, felt board, spinner activities, games, and play writing, students work on interpretive, interpersonal and presentational communication goals. All kits are available in Chinese, French, German, and Spanish.

We offer two unique curricula designed to engage children in either grades k-2 (Trailblazer) or students grades 3-5 (Explorer). Each kit is packed with age appropriate material to keep your class moving. Years of experience have helped us fine tune these kits to meet the specific needs of language learners at each grade level. Trailblazer kits pursue a purely oral communicative approach where are Explorers kits add a written language component.

With six individual modules each encompassing a year of language learning there is sure to be something for everyone

Module summaries


In Mexico with the Panadero Family, In France with the Boulanger family, In Germany with the Baecker family, In China with the Tang family

In this module we get to know the puppet family and all of their idiosyncrasies through the eyes of an exchange student from the U.S. Jack. Jack needs moms expertise after a little bike crash.  Mom is naturally very kind and caring yet forgetful of most things, particularly of the

body parts.  This can lead to some confusion, and an opportunity for your students to help absentminded Mama remember! Mama introduces children to vocabulary and phrases relating to body parts. Dad takes Jack shopping since he didn’t pack enough clothing for the approaching colder weather and flip flops, shorts and T-shirts just won’t do. Dad is a very creative soul who has found his calling in cooking.  He is constantly experimenting with new recipes and trying to find unique ways to use chocolate, his favorite ingredient! Through dad’s creative processes, he often makes a big mess and will need help cleaning things up in the furniture unit. The sister is the middle child, who like dad has creative talents but in the realm of fine arts.  Like many girls, she likes pink very much and embellishes her creations with as much pink as possible. This comes in handy since Jack is on laundry for his weekly chore when he by mistake leaves a pair of red socks in the white wash and everything is dyed pink. Jack and her also introduce the students to vocabulary and phrases relating to arts & crafts when they make pinatas for baby’s birthday party.  During this unit we learn culturally appropriate birthday songs and traditions. The big brother is an avid sports fan. He has a lot to say about sports and playing them.  His lessons to the children will involve the crucial vocabulary and phrases to enable them to play with their peers. Jack and him play lots of different sports in the local sports complex – as soon as they can find his tennis racket that is… Baby can be a bit of a rascal.  He likes to play jokes and loves to play hide-and-seek. Jack indulges him in a game of hide and seek in one of the units.

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Exploring Animals Around the World

In this module we virtually travel around the world with the puppet family exploring different continents and their animal inhabitants. In Antarctica we learn body parts as we hear about mom’s trip to help a sick seal. The big brother returns from South America with loads of photos of different frog species, which teach students colors and numbers. Baby’s adventure in Asia appeals to all our senses as we see, hear and even feel our way around the rainforest.  Possessive adjectives are introduced in the European farm unit where sister helps to reunite babies with their moms. In the second semester we spiral back through body parts with some extensions added in as mom heals a zebra, giraffe, elephant and lion in Africa.  Colors and numbers are reviewed and extended in a Great Barrier Reef unit where the big brother goes scuba diving with tropical fish. Baby’s Arctic adventure reviews the senses as we are introduced to new Arctic animals. And sister’s pet sitting business in North America reviews possessive adjectives and incorporates new pet related vocabulary.

Around Town

In this module we explore the puppet families town. We learn to count by tens in the target language as well as interesting grocery items as we accompany dad shopping. We are introduced to café foods as well as culturally specific foods as we go on an afternoon outing with mom and sister.  We learn about pets as well as baby’s mishap buying a fire spitting dragon at the pet store. We help the fire department with emergencies in and around the town learning different vehicles and reviewing the places around town from the intro unit.  At the toy store we help big brother pick out toys for the children at the hospital for his community service project and review our numbers and shopping dialogue. We visit mom at the vet where she cares for all kinds of animals learning adjectives and reviewing pet names from the pet unit.  Here the dragon dilemma finally gets resolved when the fire chief decides to offer the  fire station dog in return for the dragon since the fire station is equipped to put out fires whenever they may occur and can keep a close eye on the dragon. Lastly we review toys, adjectives and introduce possessive adjectives as we help sister to distribute the toys at the hospital.

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At the Fair

In this module the family makes an excursion to the fair. Since we can’t travel to the target language country where the fair is located, each family member will visit us and bring us stories, games, food, and fun to share in the fair experience. Each year the family helps uncle (dad’s brother) to run the fair. Uncle is a handyman/musician. He loves to sing and sometimes he sings instead of talking. He is a little quirky – (just like his brother, but in a different way). He can repair and LOVES to repair about everything (sometimes things that are not even broken). Often, he has a new song idea, gets distracted and sings away. He even converted many of dad’s recipes to lyrics and composed music to go with the lyrics. As you can see, Uncle needs help from the family since he is so busy, repairing, composing, singing, and taking care of the game booths and rides. And, what would a fair be without great food’ The fair is famous for its delicious foods. Dad runs the Pizza stand and helps out at the ice cream bar. Dad is a chef who loves to cook and to invent new recipes. His favorite ingredient is chocolate. He puts chocolate in and on about everything – on pizza too. He also loves to clean…. He always makes a huge mess when he is cooking new creations and an even bigger mess when he is cleaning. This year he is writing a cook book. Therefore he is trying to expand his culinary palette – he is trying new ingredients, and new recipes. More importantly, he wants to try to cook without chocolate. But, somehow he always ends up putting chocolate into his new creations. Somehow, he always comes across a piece of chocolate, chocolate syrup, chocolate sprinkles, chocolate pudding, chocolate frosting while he tastes his food and throws it in. He is kind of tricking himself – thinking he is really cooking without the chocolate. Of course the children will catch him.
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Mom is in charge of the snack shack. She is a doctor and very funny. She is extremely forgetful. Mom needs to be reminded about almost everything. Visiting the Fair Snack Shack is a true mom experience, because you might not always get what you order. But don’t get me wrong. She is  very smart – just a little forgetful!  Uncle is really happy to have her at the Snack Shack. Mom also thinks fitness and exercise is important. Like most Doctors, she reminds her patients (customers) to run, dance and jump. Sometimes her customers have not even eaten yet…and sometimes she mixes everything up.

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Sister has a very special job. She is running her own horse show!  She is as creative as Papa and uncle. She loves arts and crafts and is a fabulous artist – but she has many more talents such as training animals. She considers herself a real animal lover. Her favorite animal is her horse. Uncle thinks she is doing a fantastic job training him. We will meet them both as they train for a horse show and later perform at the fair!

Baby is the youngest family member. He is getting bigger and more active. He is learning a lot of new things every day. Mom says he is a real handful and he still LOVES to hide. One minute he is there the next he is gone. He is also a “dare devil”. The family really has to watch him. They call him “our little Explorer”. He wants to do everything “ALONE”. Baby is helping Uncle to run the Ice Cream Bar. He is such a great helper and already knows most of the ice cream flavors. Baby loves the fair ground and we will soon find out that he likes most of the rides – but NOT all of them. Like most toddlers, he expresses how he is feeling.

We won’t meet brother this time. Although he would have loved to help at the Fair – he really wanted to attend a variety of sports camps. At first he is doing a soccer camp, then basketball camp, and finally participating in a hockey camp. He is a great athlete and mom and dad are both very proud of him.




Explorer Modules

At the International School

In this module we get to know the five friends, Alex, Jack, Sarah, Lina and Bo.. Alex loves geography and soccer, Bo is an aspiring artist who loves Rock and Roll and plays the drums, Sarah
is a math wiz who also enjoys sports such as basketball and swimming, Jack is a sports enthusiast who plays every sport you can imagine and loves playing during recess and Lina is an aspiring doctor who loves biology, music and fashion. In “The Arrival” unit we learn introductions when the friends pick Jack up from the airport. We will get to know the individual characters through their likes and dislikes.  For example, we learn clothing expressions when Alex is interested in trying ice hockey and Jack, the jock, helps him to buy his equipment.  Lina teaches us the rooms of the house as she shows Jack around the dorm. We learn sports and hobbies as we accompany the friends to their favorite activities. We get familiar with body parts as we study with Alex and Lina, who aspires to be a doctor, for a biology exam. Bo takes us into the art study where the friends help him on a collage and we learn arts and crafts materials. During the parent weekend we expand on the rooms of the house vocabulary adding furniture as the friends clean the dorm to prepare for the parents arrival. We spiral back through the sports and hobbies when the friends chat about their different after school activities this time adding the sports equipment and instruments. Lina, the fashionista, helps Sarah, a tomboy, pick out an outfit for a party in :Shopping with the girls”. A s they shop for a an outfit we add girl’s clothing to our boys clothing vocabulary base from the first semester. Lastly the “School Fair” unit introduces all the different subjects, days of the week and time as the kids discuss their schedules with the parents who are visiting again.

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After school at the International School

In this module we get to know the friends more in depth. Not only what they like to do at school but also their after school activities. We find out more about each friend as we meet their families
in the target language countries of Germany, China, Colombia, Morocco and the USA. The first unit also introduces the students to weather expressions,  seasons, and time of day. In the second unit we spend time with Sarah as she looks after and tutors different children here we learn the days of the week, time as well as toys and different verbs conjugated in the third person singular and plural. Alex takes us to his geography club meeting on Saturday where we learn different countries, commands, time and classroom furniture as we try to rearrange the classroom after a windstorm blows everything all over the place. During the brunch unit we learn about different cultural foods as we watch the friends each prepare a special dish from their home country. The vet unit teaches us body parts and review the weather expressions. Lina volunteers to help the Dr cure different animals with various ailments all caused by the crazy April weather. Finally all the patterns and vocabulary is reviewed during a play which the students put on for their parents. Here various fairy tale characters navigate their way through strange happenings but all turns out well in the end and there is a bbq feast at the king’s castle to celebrate the resolution of the conflict.


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Around Chengdu/Montreal/Berlin/ Granada

In the module we follow our five friends as they explore cities around the world. All of the friend have found ways of helping out around their city which will introduce us to some of the aspects of living abroad. In the first 2 Units we are reintroduced to all of the friends, what city they are living in and how they have come to help out in their new community. Jack and Sara go to the grocery store to help prepare a meal, introducing us to foods, commands for buying and preferences. Alex works at the local library helping people to find the things they need based on their interests. Bo works at a soup kitchen preparing cultural foods for all of the friends from Batatas Bravas to Mapo Dofu! Lina Interns at the Zoo showing off all of the different types of animals and even feeding mice to the eagles! All of the friends understand the importance of helping out in their community and in the end all volunteer at an elderly home, bringing their personalities and talents with them and learning about others in the process.

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