Explorer Teaching Kits (Grades 3-5)

Each of the three modules is built around specific subjects, grammar and vocabulary. While the content for each kit will be different, the materials you receive will be the same.

They Include: Teacher Tools (Comic; Felt Board; Spinner Activities; Game book; Skit Templates) and Classroom Materials (Flashcards; Game Materials)

Teacher Tools

Comic Book- This beautiful, full-color 25 page comic book introduces the vocabulary and patterns in real-life situations as the friends at the International School get to know each other your students will learn to express their own likes in the target language. Contextual full immersion incorporates cultural knowledge as it conveys new vocabulary and patterns. Visual aids help to introduce real life language while repetition of patterns helps to build recognition. Repetition is consistent throughout each chapter, allowing students to become familiar with new grammar patterns.


Felt Board- To introduce the vocabulary for the unit including a 16 pages instructional booklet as well as 86 laminated colorful flashcards with original artwork. The felt-board is meant to accompany the comic. Immediately reinforcing language patterns which the comic introduces naturally leads to comprehension and the beginning of independent sentence construction.


Spinner Activities- Randomly combine new vocabulary and grammar patterns to promote all possible uses of the new vocabulary. By randomly assigning words students will be encouraged to step out of their comfort zone and create individual responses to prompts.

Games Book- Engage the 5 primary learning styles through various mediums targeting multiple senses. Games will require different levels of response from Total Physical Response all the way up to student dialogues. these easy to use game instructions accompany the game materials they include target language within the game instructions making it easy to use in the classroom. Simply place the game instructions with your game materials at the beginning of class and you know how to play the game and what vocabulary you are reinforcing. There are six vocabulary and three pattern games per for each of the 10 units covered in this module.

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Skit Templates- At the end of each Unit is a skit template outlining all of the grammar and vocabulary currently covered. Templates help guide construction of skits and dialog for performance with suggestions of included grammar patterns.




Classroom Materials

Flashcards- These colorful and black and white flashcards with words in the target language provide the foundation for the games. In your kit you will find 222 color and 256 black and white laminated flashcards.

Game materials- the following materials are also provided for your convenience together with the flashcards, comic and felt-board materials these complete your language kit in a box: Roll of yarn, beach ball, fly swatters (2), twister game, hopping bags, Chinese jump ropes, clothes pins, wooden spoons (2), bean bags (8),dry erase marker, fishing game (magnetic fishing rod and rings), bingo tokens, blindfold, Koosh ball, bell, bag of small balls, squishy snake, play doh, battleship template, dice game (2 large foam dice with Velcro and interchangeable Velcro game cards), suitcase, felt-board, bag of coins, and colored keys.