Dear Parents,

Over the years we have heard parents say, “I wish I learned another language when I was younger,” or “it’s too bad foreign language education does not start earlier”.

One World Language School was founded based on these type of feelings. Our mission is to make foreign language learning accessible at a young age. Even though it is never too late to learn a second language, we all know that starting early is the best time.

Many parents say, “children are like sponges”, well…this means children can pick up a language quickly given the opportunity. For proof, just ask those that grew up in Europe, Asia, South America, etc. They learn multiple languages at the same time.

We believe all students deserve a chance to learn another language, and all the benefits it has to offer from cultural awareness to improved academics. One World Language School enjoys providing this learning experience to all children.

We have been around for over a decade because there is a strong interest from parents wanting their children to be bilingual. We live in a competitive global economy, and knowing a second language can better prepare children for their future. Parents and children choose One World Language School because of our teaching methodology. We teach children languages in a effective and fun way in a group environment. We use a game based approach that children find engaging, and are able to remember new information quickly. Imagine a room with 5-8 children in it. One minute the students will be in a circle passing a ball around, and asking questions to one another in the target language, next  they may be participating in a mini relay race and finally wrap up with a reinforcement activity such as sculpting vocabulary. Our advanced students might be performing a skit in the target language, or they may be writing their own comic strips. The goal is to make learning another language enjoyable, and unique per lesson while continuing to incorporate the information students have learned in the past.

We use public school facility space in the afternoon to host our classes during the academic school year. Being in the public school as an afternoon program gives more students an opportunity to learn another language. Children can go directly from their last class of the day to our language classes. However, we do have many students that come from different schools and towns. Our classes are open to all children.

We teach French, German, Mandarin, and Spanish. These are the languages that tend to be offered at the junior and high school level. Our students get a head start to becoming more proficient in knowing a second language. In the past we have students who have gone on to advanced language class. We even have students enroll in German classes at UNH during their high school years.

Learning a second language also has real life application. We take students to a level of fluency to be comfortable in another country using another language. And the confidence that children gain from learning another language is the best part of it all. The children feel and know they have improved over time.

Finally, we have made it a priority to offer scholarships for our program based on need. Proceeds from our fundraising efforts contribute to our scholarship fund. This gives all students an opportunity to learn a foreign language regardless of financial standing. Feel free to connect with us if you have questions about our program.


Brigitte Herz

Co-Founder and Director of One World Language School