We believe that children can become fluent in another language under the right circumstances and if given the opportunity. We want to give every child that opportunity!

All of our classes follow a communicative and practical approach. This means that our students learn material that is relevant and useful to their lives at each specific age and that they learn in full sentences from the first day of class.

Language is the key to cultural appreciation. In our classes, we emphasize both the large and small cultural elements, so that your child will not only understand the target language country’s large celebrations but also appropriate body language and every day customs.

We have passionate and dedicated teachers who are committed to teaching children. They also have native fluency so that your child will develop the correct accent.

Trailblazers: ages 5-8

Explorers: ages 8 and up

Travelers: for more advanced students 10 and up

Voyagers: High level students ages 12 and up

Learn more about our classes:

Trailblazer: classes are for children in preschool to age 5 and Kindergarten to 2nd grade.  This is the best time in your child’s life to learn another language! By giving your child the opportunity now, you are ensuring that your child will have the chance to develop native fluency and a native accent.

Our Trailblazer program is designed for these very young students.  Using a multi-sensory approach of games, role-playing, puppets, songs, crafts and stories, our Trailblazer students are immersed in target language learning and fun. Through age appropriate thematic units, our Trailblazers develop an “ear” and understanding of the target language.

Our dynamic learning experience focuses on material that is interesting and relevant to children of this age


Explorers: Once your child is in 3rd grade, s/he can join our Explorer program which is designed for beginning students.  These classes are designed for children in grades 3-5.  We start beginning reading and writing in the target language in our Explorer classes.

In these classes, children explore the structure of the target language and develop skills for independent and practical communication.   As with all of our classes, we use a games-based approach to learning.  Students develop their communication skills through a variety of age appropriate games, skits and other fun activities.  Using a practical, communicative approach, the students learn their target language in a way that is similar to how they learned their native language.

Classes meet for one hour once a week. It is possible for students to join the program throughout the year if there is availability.


Travelers: Our Traveler program is designed for children ages 10 and up who have completed the Explorer program or have equivalent language experience.  In the Traveler program, children become more independent in their communication skills and learn to express themselves using more complex grammatical structures.  By the end of the Traveler program, children will be secure and fluent in the vocabulary, phrases, and language conventions that are expected from advanced beginning learners of their target language.  They will have the basic skills and the confidence to explore the language and begin to branch out on their own in terms of vocabulary growth and acquisition.

Classes meet for one hour once a week. Classes meet for one hour once a week. Classes are held on Wednesday afternoons in Oyster River at the Moharimet Elementary School in Madbury, New Hampshire. It is possible for students to join the program throughout the year.


Voyagers: Children who enroll in the Voyager program have a strong foundation in the basic elements of their target language. They can fluently communicate, verbally and in writing and are familiar with conventional themes. In the Voyager program, they will move quickly through intermediate to advanced material becoming more independent with their speaking, reading, and writing skills. They will build upon these skills, broadening their vocabulary and grammar base.  After completing the Voyager program, students will be ready to take advanced classes.

Classes meet once a week for one hour. Classes are held on Wednesday afternoons in Oyster River at the Moharimet in Madbury, New Hampshire. It is possible for students to join the program throughout the year.