The One World Language program will benefit your students and institution. Our methodology is unique and effective. We use a student centered approach to engage every learner with comprehensible input. Our program is progressive, yet spirals, and is carefully planned out, so students add to existing knowledge from year to year, leading towards the ultimate goal of fluency. This is very different from typical elementary and middle school language classes that many schools have in place. Our program values the student’s individual potential to become fluent in the target language rather than just being exposed to the language.

We already have a curriculum in place to teach your students a foreign language. Therefore, your institution does not need to spend time creating an effective plan to teach foreign languages to young children. We have it all covered. The other benefits of partnering with One World Language School includes reducing your overall employment expenses, and having more time to focus on areas that need more attention.

Our experience teaching during the school day have showed us that children, administration, and staff are happy to have a program that was ready to be used immediately. This past year at St. Patrick Academy we have had great success. Students are engaged with learning a foreign language, and they are enjoying it. Students have said they look forward to Spanish class, and it ranks immediately after physical education class. This is a win-win situation for One World Language School and St. Patrick Academy. One World meets their mission of making foreign language accessible to more children, while St. Pat’s meets their Spanish language curriculum goals. In addition, we recently started teaching Spanish at Birches Academy. We have over 200 students learning a foreign language, and who are becoming more worldly.

We know that each school is unique, and we will work with you to implement a language program that helps with your needs. We have experience teaching children from Kindergarten to 8th Grade with a teacher to student ratio maximizing at 1:25. In addition, we teach Chinese, French, German, and Spanish at all levels.

Please get in touch with us to implement a language program at your school.

Please reach out to Pranav Dadarwala at 207-370-8398 or