Do children really learn to speak the language?

YES, they do! You will be amazed! But, be patient! The program is designed to build a solid foundation in the target language. There is a lot of repetition in class, and it may seem, at times, that we move slowly.

Do you use immersion in your classes?

Good question. We use a method we called “modified immersion”. By this, we mean that 60-70% of the class will be in the target language. We want the children to develop an ear for the target language, and immerse them as much as possible, but we also want them to feel comfortable. Therefore, much of the class is taught in the target language, but sometimes we need to use English. This often happens when we are explaining an activity or game.

What are the goals and expectations for each of your class levels?

Each age grouping and level not only has a different name, it also has different goals and expectations based on what is developmentally appropriate at that time in a child’s life and level of language acquisition. Our philosophy is that the acquisition of a second language should follow the same developmental steps as the acquisition of the child’s first language.

Trailblazer Level Pre-K and K-2:

The goal of this program is to establish strong foundation in listening, speaking, and understanding. We want the children to establish an “ear”  in the target language. By this, we mean that we want them to be able to recognize and distinguish the target language, develop a native accent, and “think” in the target language. This is why all of our games and activities are created to simulate situations in which using the target language makes sense. We don’t want them translating, but actually living the target language.

Explorer Level (Grade 3-5):

These students are still young and beginning students. They also follow the same developmental steps, but reading is introduced as children this age become more dependent upon the written word as a tool for learning and understanding.



Will my child be placed in a class with other beginners?

Our curriculum is designed to challenge all of our students appropriately. Our students come to us with varying experiences with their target language. Some of them speak the language at home. Some are completely new. We have several years worth of curriculum written around themes. Each year, new themes are introduced with new vocabulary and patterns (grammar). For the most part, the material is new to everyone.

How do I register and pay for my child?

Registration and payment is a two step process;

Registration is done online. Registration is not complete until payment is made.
To register, go to;

Payment is also handled online through Paypal with links from our website.
To pay, go to;

What is the schedule?

The schedule shows class locations, day, time, and room numbers.
The schedule is located on our website;

How long are classes?

Classes are 1 hour in lenght. Classes meet once a week and run for 30 weeks during the academic year. Classes for preschool-aged children are 45 minutes long.

What does the tuition include?

It includes 30 weeks of instruction, and a parent kit.

Is there a sibling discount?

Yes, the first child is at full price. All other siblings are at the sibling rate for their class.

Who are the teachers?

Our teachers are all either native speakers or speakers with native-level fluency who have teaching experience. Teachers are also mentored by the One World Language School, and attend our teaching workshops. Check out our teachers, and others; go to

What if my child doesn’t like the class, and he/she drops out?  Can I get a refund?

We have a drop-out period that lasts for four weeks. During this time, refunds are given, but you would be responsible for a $50 administrative fee, and the amount for each class your child was enrolled in up to the point you notified us of your intention to withdraw regardless of whether or not your child missed one or more of these classes. After the drop-out period, there are no refunds given.