One World Language classes generally take place after school as an after school activity. During the course of the academic year, students will receive 30 hours of language education over a period of 30 classes. Classes start in October, and will end in May or June, depending on the day/location, and the number of snow days accumulated during the year. Classes meet 1x per week for 1 hour with an exception for our Pre-K class. The Pre-K class meets for 45 mins per week due to the children’s age.

Below are links to our class calendar, class levels, class locations, and class schedule.

Class Calendar

Class Levels

Class Locations

Class Schedule

In addition, we teach languages during the school day as part of a school’s curriculum. For those that would like their children to have language classes during the school day at the elementary level please get in touch. We will do our best to implement a language class for your children.