One World Language School classes take place mainly in the afternoon at a public school. We teach two rounds of classes. Our first round of class start times vary from 3:05 to 3:45, depending on the school’s release time. Our second round of classes can start as early as 4:20, depending on the location. Many of our students come from a school that they attend during the day. Therefore, we have students that go directly from their last class of the day to our classes. These students get escorted by a teacher into our classes. We have students that go to an after-school enrichment program before and after attending a One World Language class. These student get escorted by an enrichment program manager to our classes, and afterwards our language teacher will escort them back to their after-school enrichment program. Also, we have students that come from other schools. These students tend to be dropped off and picked up by their parents, and/or relatives.

Prior to a enrolled student attending their first day of class, whether it begins in October, November, December, etc, all student names must be provided to the public school’s staff/admin/secretary. It is the parent’s responsibility to provide this information to the school, along with how the child will reach our classes, and where the child will go after our classes. We want to make sure your child is safe. And to be extra safe, our teachers will ask parents that drop-off and/or pick-up their child to initial a sign in/sign out sheet. This process will happen every week that your child attends class. In addition, please make sure to mention any health concerns to the language teacher. This information will help us better know your child.

Other class policy points include;

Since we mainly use public school classrooms, we must follow a couple of their rules. Students are not allowed to eat in the classrooms. The main reason is to prevent any concerns regarding food allergies. Day students use these rooms, and we do not want to leave anything that gives them an allergic reaction. Please have your child eat a snack before or after class. And, let’s do our best to keep the rooms clean.

Our classes are only 1 hour long. Therefore, please have your child go to the bathroom before or after class. However, we completely understand if a child has to go to the bathroom during class.

Please inform the teacher in advance via email or in person that your child plans to be absent from a future class. The same rules apply if your child will be dropped off and/or picked up by someone else.

Lastly, our language classes coincides with the public school schedule. Meaning, we will have class as long as our host school is open. We cannot use our host school’s facility if they are not open. Reasons for not having a class in session would include school vacation weeks, national holidays, etc. However, our class schedule considers the days that our host school will be open and closed, therefore we can meet our goal of 30 hours on language education per class. In regard to snow days, when our host school decides to cancel school, One World Language classes will be canceled too. We will do our best to make up these classes. First, our classes gets extended into mid-June. Second, if necessary, we will extend classes by 15 minutes starting around March-April.