Our class calendar displays the first day of class, the days that class will not be in session due to holidays, and the last day of class.

Our goal is to teach 30 weeks from October to May. We begin in October, and not September so that students will have a couple of weeks to settle into their new academic year. Also, from our experience the month of September is when many parents decide which activity a child wishes to pursue. Our last week of classes are scheduled to end in late May, but every year our classes tend to roll over into the month of June due to the number of snow days accrued during the year. Therefore, the last day of classes are tentative.

SchoolLincoln Street SchoolLittle Harbour SchoolNewmarket Elementary SchoolNottingham SchoolOyster River Middle SchoolSchool
First Day of Class

10/5/1610/5/16First Day of Class
No Class10/10/16
10/10/1611/8/1611/23/1611/23/16No Class
No Class12/26/1612/26/1612/27/1612/28/1612/28/16No Class
No Class1/2/171/2/172/28/173/1/173/1/17No Class
No Class1/16/171/16/174/25/174/26/174/26/17No Class
No Class2/27/172/27/17No Class
No Class4/24/17
4/24/17No Class
Last Day of School6/12/176/12/176/13/176/14/176/14/17Last Day of School
SchoolEliot ElementaryMoharimet Elementary SchoolSwasey Central SchoolStratham Memorial School School
First Day of Class10/6/1610/6/1610/7/1610/7/16First Day of Class
No Class11/24/1611/24/1611/11/1611/11/16No Class
No Class12/29/1612/29/1611/25/1611/25/16No Class
No Class2/23/173/2/1712/30/1612/30/16No Class
No Class4/20/174/27/173/3/173/3/17No Class
No Class3/17/17
No Class
No Class4/28/17
No Class
Last Day of Class6/15/176/15/276/16/17
Last Day of Class