The One World Language School was founded in 2003. The project was the brainchild of Brigitte Herz (Executive director and co-founder) and Julie Reece (co-founder). The idea was to bring language learning into primary schools to help teach their own children Chinese and German. What began as a program of 30 students and a small summer school in 2003 has grown into a student body of over 200 students at 9 schools and 4 languages; Chinese, French, German, and Spanish. By keeping tuition low and offering excellent access to financial aid, One World has been making foreign language learning accessible to families through the Seacoast area as an after-school class activity.

Recently, we have expanded our offerings as an in-school program. This allows us teach at academic institutions during the school day. We are thrilled to be heading in this direction because we get to teach more children, partner with schools, and improve the community in which we live.

Lastly, parents and schools have a strong desire for their children and students to learn another language beginning at an early age. We are here to help, and make this a reality.