The One World Language School was founded in 2003. The project was the brainchild of Brigitte Herz (Executive director and co-founder) and Julie Reece (co-founder). The idea was to bring language learning into primary schools to help teach their own children Chinese and German. What began as a program of 30 students and a small summer school in 2003 has grown into a student body of over 200 students at 9 schools and 4 languages; Chinese, French, German, and Spanish. By keeping tuition low and offering excellent access to financial aid, One World has been making language learning accessible to families through the Seacoast for the past 12 years.

One World is not your average language class, it’s neither a tutoring session nor is it about rote memorization. One World is a class experience, focusing on all aspects of learning to engage all types of learners. One World’s game based approach elicits Total Physical Response (T.P.R.) from students as young as 3. Grammar is important, and taught in our higher level classes. Our main focus, however, is on communication. Our younger learners, (Pre-K and Trailblazers) focus primarily on speaking their target language, becoming familiar with the sound and feel of the target language. Gradually not unlike the acquisition of their native language children are exposed to reading in our Explorer level classes. Lastly, writing is included in our higher level classes (the Traveler, Voyager and College Prep levels). It is our goal to help children communicate in the target language with local friends their age. The curriculum is age appropriate both in terms of content as well as the language we choose for our curriculum.


One World International Film Festival 2013 @ UNH